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Handy Gym Pro


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Get incredible results with HANDY GYM PRO, the most portable and powerful inertial training device! It´s perfect for you if you are looking for quality and effective training. Handy Gym™ is based on inertial technology, the best for elite athletes and personal trainers. Its versatility allows you to workout in any situation, wherever and whenever you want.

This pack includes all 18 accessories and Bluetooth encoder developed by Handy Gym™, so you can perform hundreds of exercises with lots of solutions and possibilities to train all muscle groups.


The HANDY GYM PRO pack is the professional and most complete set for training without limits. Go hard or easy, adapts to the intensity and level of strength having all the resistance ranges available: light, intermediate and hard discs, in addition to the double pulley. It includes the Platform and the belt to perform great lower body exercises and increasing the number of possibilities with the machine fixed on the table.

The Handy Gym PRO device has an electronic connection to measure the results of your activity in real-time and obtain statistics of your training through its app. It has all the anchoring options to train any muscle group, adjust specific angles and range of motion in each exercise, whether with Handy Gym in hand or fixed to a structure.

Lightweight, powerful, and versatile, Handy Gym is an incredible training device designed to perform quality eccentric muscle work. That is why physiotherapists and athletic trainers endorse it to improve muscle performance and injury recovery. Sports professionals and elite athletes already use it in their routines because it adapts to any kind of sport and allows specific movements safely.

Keep training strength from home, enjoy exercising outdoors or even on the go, maintaining good muscle tone using Handy Gym’s inertial resistance. Free yourself and reinvent the way you train.

*The device in this pack does include electronic connection.


This pack includes 18 accessories and Bluetooth encoder:


· Machine base WITH CONNECTION + Handgrip.

· Yellow discs + Blue discs + Red discs.

· Double pulley.

· Door stopper.

· Loop strap.

· x2 Multipurpose handle.

· Ankle strap.

· x2 Wall mounting plates.

· Rack mounting plate.

· Belt.

· Platform.

· Sack.

· Backpack.

*The device in this pack does include electronic connection.

Care & Maintenance:

Please Refer to User Guide here Page 43

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We added this feature mainly to increase the efficiency of your training. Our objective is to ease your training while making sure it is effective.

You can now track your training and progress by adding the encoder to Handy Gym™. Thanks to its connectivity to our App, you will easily see the ongoing outcome of your training and your final scores in terms of Kcal burnt, reps, total weight lifted, etc.

Our App is available for Apple and Android.

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